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How to get the best from 'myContactDetails.com'

keys myContactDeails is not just a 'static' address book. You can use it to keep your contacts up2date about you!

You can choose to share any part of your profile with some or all of your contacts. So when you get a new mobile from work or move home, you can simply update your profile and your chosen contacts get to see your new details right away.

When someone decides to share with you. That persons information will appear in their entries details screen as a read only field.

You can share different information with different types of people, based on the tags your assign them (family/ work buddy/ tennis club/ etc...).

Even more, you can create public URLs containing selected information. Use these URLs as email footers or on business cards - and you'll know that people with them will aways have the correct information, no matter how old the link is or how often your details change.

Here are two examples:

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