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You can't keep a good thing down and once people find out about the benefits of our online address book, they just want to write about it.
Below is a selection of articles and blogs that have been written about us.

  • Windows Fantastic
    What initially started out to be a small list of personal contacts has quickly grown into an... more

  • Matt's Daily Diigo Post
    I keep running into it in the blogosphere. And I like things that do just one thing and do them very well.... more

  • Killer Startups
    MyContactDetails beats your regular, old paper address book; you don't have to deal with illegible scrawls and faded ink. The site has an easy to use interface, and while simple, it's very useful.... more

  • myContactDetails - Tarjeta de presentacion on
    myContactDetails es un sitio en el cual podemos crear una especie de tarjeta de presentacion online, donde las personas que nosotros designemos... more

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